Bucket Conveyor
General Processing of Cereal --> look at 4,5,6, and 10

FOODnetBASE database - Cereals Processing Technology (ebook), Chapter 6 ** you must go through the ualberta libraries webpage to view this book because you must enter your CCID and password).FOODnetBASE link via library (Ang)

Inputs: wheat (durum) semolina and water
Optional inputs: eg
g, flavors, colors, non-durum wheat material, (see Ang for ref)
End product per 100g- cooked pasta
water: 61.5 g
protein: 6.6 g ​(May be from egg content?)
fat: 1.5g
cho: 31.8 g ​( Is this for our ingredients or when egg is used? Cholesterol could be due to egg yolk content)
starch: 30.7g
dietary fiber: 1.9 g