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Meeting Notes March 8, 2010

Repetition within some of the written portion - Being looked into.

As far as moisture content goes with equations we have agreed to use the ideal 30%

Mandy uploaded a link
Word - View -> Toolbars -> Reviewing - When you do any changes make sure you click "track changes". Then Final Showing Markup will show what changes have been done and original is everything before Mandy made changes. You can accept the changes at the bottom of the word window.

Pictures should be referenced in the text if they are going to be used within the text portion of the paper. All other pictures can be used within the power point.

Changes Indicated
-Leave it out for the time being

-APA referencing, weirdly altered.

Conclusion - Angela

Next Meeting
Wednesday March 17, 2010 @ 1PM
--Same Time, Same Place

February 22, 2010
Dear Kaila:

Thank you for contacting Ronzoni Foods CANADA.

Please contact our Headquarters for the information you requested at

If we may be of further service to you, call us toll-free at
1-888-293-1333, weekdays 9-5 Eastern Standard Time. To ensure prompt
handling of your call, please inform the Consumer Affairs Representative
of the reference number printed in the lower left margin of this letter.


Rosemary Kohler
Consumer Relations Representative

When editing online, highlight the changes you would like to make with someones work online in a different colour of text so if it is necessary the author of the section can clarify what they're trying to say.

Refer to the email above from Kaila if anyone has any urgent questions that need to be addressed by Catelli.

Look at the youtube video posted by Mandy.

Have rough draft of written portion posted online by March 8th. After adding information and/or requesting clarification we will have the written portion finalized for submission by March 15, 2010.

Addition of eggs to the inputs. Brief mentioning of eggs in terms of processing, limit to one to two sentences. There needs to be no mention of other eggs or separate mentioning of eggs in other parts of the pasta processing.

Post articles online for everyone to look at, because some articles are hard to come by for general information.

Major Stages
-Kneading (Extruder)
-Shaping (Extruder

Next meeting on March 8, 2010

February 8, 2010
-Find the most informative and simple process to use for our project

-Flour and Water
-If necessary at the end if we agree that there is not enough information at the end we can add if necessary

To access the food and nutrition net bases you need to navigate through the U of A libraries page and by entering your CCID there you will be able to access the material.

Type of Pasta

Division of Work
Kayla - Looking into gathering information from an actual pasta producer

Angela (Mandy will do conclusion and paper coherence)

Ingredients, Mixing, Extruder, Drying, Packaging:
-Ryan, Darby and Jessica

- Sunny and Angela

Nutritional Relevance
- Kayla

- Mandy, also agreed to be in charge of the coherence of the entire paper

Discussion of Presentation
-*If anyone else wants to become part of this let Mandy or Myself know*

Next Meeting - Subject to Change I will let you know what the plan is
B 14A - Knowledge Common. Monday February 22, 2010

Meeting Minutes: February 01,2010
Kayla - Times
Ryan - Rooms


Mixture Mechanics

General Articles

*Any article can be relevant at this point in the research, we can narrow down later


Next Meeting - February 8, 2010
Location: TBA

Sunday - Have added something and have read all the posted information on the wiki site by 12pm to be prepared for meeting on Monday.
just want to make a note here... you can still add info after 12 but try for this deadline just so everyone has something to look at before Monday!